Massive Transformations
In a Single Session
with ZERO Intake Process
{ For Over Two Decades }

“Every single person on the planet needs to spend time with Maleah.  It’s so hard to put into words what she offers.  Maleah is kind, thoughtful, incredibly generous with her time and talent.  She broke through all the negative crud I’ve been carrying around for 50 years.  I can’t tell you how she did it.  I can only tell you that she did it, and it was so amazingly magical.

In the past three days since I had my session with Maleah, I’ve applied for a patent, released a new product to my work community, and had the single best sales day ever.  And I’m doing it all with ease and joy.  Like it’s a game.  I really feel like I can do anything.

I don’t know what kind of secret potion she has, but if she could bottle and sell it, you could pay her a thousand dollars a bottle and you would still feel like you got off cheap.  She has a gift that is unexplainable and indescribable, but if you get the chance to soak for a minute in her goodness, you’ll understand what I mean. .”

Leah Severson


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Einstein Time | Intuitive Consultant

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Poem of the Day: Pssst

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Living in the Land of No Worries

When you work with hundreds of clients you’re bound to see some commonalities. It’s the job, money, your spouse, those wild kids… swirling in the minds of my clients as a churning, burning ball of worry. We all do it. Circling the negative yet-to-be until that...

Too Close to the Canvas

Wait, step back what is it, this thing I have created for myself? other than a seemingly never ending smorgasbord of opportunities for spiritual growth right alongside other people that just so happen to be quite a lot like me lovable kind seeking beautiful soulful...

Hurry up & Hurry down

Today is not at all like yesterday which seems to have occurred months ago that thing that is so hard to pin down which is elusive yet marches on time a human contrivance we made it up the notion of lost time wherever would lost time go someone please tell me so I can...

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