Are you ready?

Are you ready to open your heart, heal your past so that you can live with more purpose and passion in the present moment?

Every one of us can awaken to the TRUTH that we are all an epicenter of PEACE + UNITY + HARMONY + JOY + VITALITY + LOVE. Hi, I’m Maleah Jacobs.

Part Concierge at The Four Seasons.
Part spiritual Sherpa.
Part Mystic and part Muse;
In equal measure.

Helping elite performers win at the game of life without sacrificing health or wealth to achieve the ultimate success and satisfaction of a life well lived, all while inspiring others to do the same.

Maleah Jacobs has literally saved my business and my life. I know, who says that about a coach or consultant? 

It’s true. After one week of working with her, I landed my first multi 5-figure consultancy client and I attribute that to her guidance, support, and intuition. This would not have happened without her. 
She has either led or helped me land every single client (3 more so far!). Every. Single. One. I mean, she is right there with me, hands on. So, even from a sales booster, she has overdelivered. I’ve hired sales gen experts in the past for thousands of dollars a month and have gotten zero results. Maleah over delivers like MAD. 
But, it doesn’t stop there. She supports me in an entirely holistic way that has become my inner circle, like family. She is helping me through a very personal crisis right now. She is planning for shifts in my business’s future—for my future. She has given me a complete shift in my thoughts (and fears) about money, my value, how I charge, and how my thoughts affect my life. She has given me connections and support. 
I am forever grateful that the universe brought Maleah into my life. You should be so lucky to experience her awesomeness. I wish that for every entrepreneur. I  F*#$@#ing LOVE this woman!!!!!!
Debbie White

Branding Creative Director

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release in late Spring of 2022 of Maleah’s first book, As Above So Below. It will detail many of the tools and processes she has learned in her 20+ years of life-changing intuitive session work.

We start by going through your entire life. Or I do. I’ll harness my intuition on your behalf. I’ll tell you all about you and yours. Your life, your loves, your livelihood. Your health. Your wealth. Your ripple effect. Creative outlets you’ve yet to explore. What to double down on. What to slice outta your life altogether. People, places and things that no longer serve you will get gone. 

We’ll explore the limitless potentiality
that is you.

How to dial up your true strengths and passions. Let go of building up or fixing your weaknesses. You’re not fucking broken. You’re not your thoughts. You can be, do, and have anything.

It’s your life.
It’s your time.

Maleah is the channel through which divinity and/or the universe speaks.

Maleah is one of those rare, exotic, ethereal beings that gifts the world daily with her very existence. Maleah’s gift of intuition is truly uncanny. Not only is she real, engaging and supportive, but she offers practical action plans to her clients so that they may IMMEDIATELY and EFFECTIVELY implement the deep wisdom that is brought to light.



It’s important to stress that having Maleah in your back pocket, on call for those big decision moments not only can add literally millions of dollars but also keep you from losing millions, repeatedly.

Nobody else has been able to tell me “Nope, it’s this, and this” and be so right. Wisdom just flows through you, resulting in extreme personal and professional growth. I still look at my notes every single day (and it’s five months later) and that frames my day. 


CEO, Innovator, Thought Leader

Several things I have been thinking about doing, she named in detail specifically to move forward, with no foreknowledge.

As a busy international professional, I am most grateful to her for moving me in ways that are spot on. She brought such confirmation with her words. She made me feel lighter, more positive, uplifted and excited about my future. Maleah is a gifted intuitive.


CEO, Mental Health Pioneer

Are you ready to get out of your own way, and allow yourself to receive:

  • An improved relationship with time, so it serves you?
  • More Money?
  • More Ease?
  • Confidence and validation in decision making?
  • Laser clear guidance for next steps and beyond?
  • Improved health and wellness through medical intuition?
  • Loving relationships that work all the time – even when it doesn’t feel like it?
  • A connection with Source that sustains you?
  • Clear boundaries with colleagues, friends, family and yourself – the real kind?
  • Increased Intuition?
  • Genuine self-esteem?
  • Deleting effects of trauma?
  • Get your insides matching your outsides?
  • LOVING the daylights out of your every moment?

Acknowledging that there’s a contrast.

The light and the dark must coexist for us to appreciate the highs and even the lows. For they’ve made you who you are today. My role is to give you the tools to have higher highs and higher lows.

Bless them. Release them. Let them go.

Be more present.

The past doesn’t exist and neither does the future.

It’s about

And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Maleah, you pulled me from the darkness into the light and I’m eternally grateful to you for that.

The Gratitude Jar has been in the works from the minute I got off the phone with you. I felt called to write it, and you are the catalyst, the inspiration and The Teacher featured in the book. The whole experience transformed my life. 

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Josie Robinson

Author, Counselor

If you’re a bit, or a lot, of a High Sensation Seeker.

A mission-driven soul with strong core values.

Savvy enough to invest in your own transformations while willing and able to do the next indicated thing.

Moving in the general direction of your grandest dreams as you’re open to being completely floored by the universe showing off for you by you simply playing with it and allowing it to surprise and delight you.

Step right up. Identity yourself.

Let’s flip your paradigm to a new resting pulse of flow state. Because flow state is yo state.

If you want to reach greater heights like a Phoenix Rising without sacrificing yourself to leave your legacy for generations to come, today? Then you can contact me and we’ll go 1:1 (straight up) to see what’s what about how to possibly move forward together. Because we’re stronger together.

Remember, a rising tide lifts all the houseboats.



I help elite performers win at the game of life without sacrificing health or wealth to achieve the ultimate success and satisfaction of a life well lived, all while inspiring others to do the same.


Whoa! Thank you for the once in a lifetime truly game changing session!

I’m not sure where else I could have experienced something that is even half of what I did from you. My teammates have noticed a huge change too! I’ve talked to them all about you and your gift.  We are winning another season! Thanks!!

Professional Sports Figure


She’s head and shoulders beyond others in this field that I have worked with, perhaps in a field all her own!

Her intuitive gifts are so on point and powerful. She mixed her insights with practical action steps that are easy for me to integrate into my life. 

Performing Artist 


Pam Grout

Maleah’s work has also been featured in Thank and Grow Rich by best selling author of E-squared, Pam Grout.


Maleah is very special, amazing, and an inspiring instrumental gift from the universe.

Her intuitive link is very powerful, and accurate. Maleah was able to give me insight and direction to help me quickly reach my goals.  My change came at a much faster pace. 

CEO, Inventor, Investor


In the past three days since my session, I’ve applied for a patent, released a new product to my work community, and had the single best sales day ever. 

Maleah broke through all the negative crud I’ve been carrying around for 50 years.  I can’t tell you how she did it. I can only tell you that she did it, and it was so amazingly magical.  

Photographer, Inventor


More than an intuitive, she helped me understand things about myself and my opportunities that I simply couldn’t see.

Maleah has a remarkable gift. Her counsel and perspective have helped me with important course corrections that are already helping me have a better life.

CEO, Inventor, Investor


It is as if she is able to hold a mirror up to your soul so you can recognize and be reintroduced properly for the first time.

I feel like I can finally give myself permission to shine, to grow, to be successful, to love, and to be, well, me! If you are at all feeling stuck or like something is just off, then do not hesitate to work with her.  She will give you clarity that no one else can, and help you map out how to create the life you want!  

STEM Entrepreneur

Kat W

My session with Maleah is the gift that keeps on giving.

Since our session my growth, evolution, and groundedness have multiplied exponentially. I have never felt so secure in my worth and my abilities, my connection with others (including my family), and my purpose here on this planet.

Entrepreneur, Healer

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