About Maleah Jacobs

Author • Speaker • Intuitive Consultant

Welcome! I am so glad you are here and so thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am Maleah Jacobs, an intuitive consultant who, for the last 18+ years, has been working with clients all over the world sharpening my gift of powerful intuitive artistry.

I guess you could say that I’m psychic. But that word doesn’t feel like it’s a perfect fit for the scope of my work. My knowing and intuitive abilities are a huge part of what I do, but I’m also highly trained in a full spectrum of practices and modalities. My resource library is practically Presidential. Learning is lifelong and I’m a voracious learner.


I’ve been an actor, writer, producer, gratefully recovering alcoholic, daughter, sister, advertising executive, teacher, speaker, best friend, workshop leader, business coach, chronic pain manager, self-healed lyme sufferer, master wagon circler, mentor, sponsor, counselor, entrepreneur, mediator, wife, and stepmother to two brilliant and talented grown women.

I love life. Really, really love it.

I’ve learned the hard way (and a lot more the easy way) that, when you ask, The Universe WILL deliver what you desire so directing your desire matters. The Universe is also happy, when asked, to show you just HOW GOOD it can get. And there is no limit to that goodness.

I’ve learned that everything we’ve ever been taught about time and love and money…. Is a lie. There is more than enough and there are infinite ways to access what we need.

I am a walking, talking tool chest of bright ideas, insight, and the carefully carved lineage of ALL of the incredible teachers that have graced my life.

I’ve learned that our losses make space for light, and that our sorrows have been treasures all along.

There is a magnificent seed of a greater benefit. Also known as… The Silver Linings.

I don’t have a B game. I am a full-throttle-whole-ass-show-up-fully-or-not-at-all kinda gal.

Which has set me up for MIRACULOUS MIRACLES. It has also brought me down some dark paths. But, the outcome of All Of It has turned me into a hilariously dark-humored-healthy-life-and-love WIZARD.

I practice EXTREME self-care.

And am obsessed with teaching EXTREME SELF-CARE to others. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH GUILT, Y’ALL? Not on my watch. Nope. Our world needs you to function. Like a well-oiled machine.

The most influential people of our time share in the ability to make moves based on gut feelings and a clear mission… their intuition.

I’ve been magnanimously blessed with opportunities to influence so many people and watch that effect ripple out in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve been fortunate to work with world-renowned artists, doctors at the forefront of medical research; intuitive stock trading, cold cases, prosecutorial and defense strategy, threat assessments, human trafficking, and MORE. It is my calling to remind YOU of your connectedness with The Universe, bring insights into your life-purpose, relationships, spirituality, health, and wellness. I am passionate about helping people transform their lives, and through that transformation, change the lives of others.

I can help you.

I have practiced for decades and am able to, conveniently, “go in clean.” This means I don’t need to know anything about you before we work together. That’s right. Just your name and contact info. No need to fill out copious amounts of pre-session paperwork. You’re not seeing a doctor. Or a life coach. In fact, the less I know… the better. We cover your entire life story, but from the Deep Present. So you can trust that whatever comes up in session is always going to be what is most timely for you to know. Right now.

The Art of Living Intuitively includes everything from what food to eat, how to best help our children, what investments to make, and which partnerships to form. Even who to date… or who to steer clear of, and more. Whatever is up for examination, digestion, and transformation is on the table. And the table is a buffet.

So, dive in and experience accelerated growth with a rapid-fire intuitive session. Clients undergo immediate shifts in consciousness as well as a comprehensive list of practices and resources to enhance and maintain sustainable results. Empowered with spiritual success tools you will achieve clarity in all areas of your life.

Want to start slow and just dip your sweet soul’s toe in these waters? Join my INTUIDIVA | The Society on Facebook and start learning the language of your Greater Yet To Be with me and my crew of genius. You will be the first to know about sales and events, you will get discounts, community, and a wonderfully curated stream of inspiration to validate you on the easy days, and uplift you when life gets more challenging.

You are a beautiful soul. I see you. I see you in ways that will be reflected back to your sweet self. Always in a context of LOVE and heaps of compassion. I’m looking forward to our time on the planet together. With our paths crossing exactly when they are meant to cross. Sometimes over and over again.