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I have always had an unusual relationship with time. The best description of how I view time comes from Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap. In this book he talks about Einstein time vs. Newtonian time. It is a fascinating read, and I’ll summarize it here. 

The basic premise is this: YOU are where time comes from.

With Newtonian time, we all seem to be victims of time. We are at its mercy. “I’d love to, but I don’t have time right now.” “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” “Where did the time go?” “I’ve got to get to the bank before it closes.”

Sound familiar?

We have all heard these phrases before, and probably we have all used them. We don’t even think anything of it. But stop for a moment and think about the ramifications of this language. They all imply that you are at the mercy of time. This is the limited notion of Newtonian time. It is a pie which can only be divided up in so many ways. 

Just as Einstein took the notion of space and turned it on its ear with his explanations, the same applies with time. Imagine for a moment that we are capable of creating whatever time we need. How would this work? To illustrate, you can think about how time seems to pass at different rates according to our perception. The person who has a boring, repetitive job that they don’t like, may look at the clock constantly and think, “Oh, man, only a few hours have passed. I still have most of the day ahead!” For this person, time is passing slowly. 

On the other hand, someone who is in deep conversation with a friend may talk way into the night, completely oblivious of the time. It seems to be passing much more quickly to this person. We can create whatever time we need when we start to understand this concept that time originates with us. We can be masters of time, and not its slave. 


“Quit thinking time is ‘out there.’ Take ownership of time – acknowledge that you are where it comes from – and it will release its claim on you.” (From The Big Leap)

One place to start with this concept is to completely stop complaining about time. Catch yourself whenever you use phrases like the ones at the beginning of this article. Instead, take ownership of you are creating time. The time complaining can be very subtle. It takes practice to catch yourself. Try it out. See if you can catch yourself with time complaints this week, and change that notion. 

If an 8 year old comes up to you and asks to play catch, you may say “I don’t have time right now.” But what you really mean is I choose to work on this other project instead. If that 8 year old came and said “I just stepped on a nail and I’m bleeding” would you have the time to take care of it? Yes you would, because we choose what we spend our time on. For some activities it may seem like we have no choice, but if you really examine it, we really do have a choice. 

You will find that if you take possession of your use of time, it will expand to meet your needs. If you are running late for something because you chose to spend your time doing something else that was important, you will find that the person you are meeting was held up as well, and arrived just when you did. Try it out! Conversely, if you are constantly worried about time, you will actually have a physical response including tightness in your chest or your gut, worry on your face, tension in your forehead and maybe in your hands. This is resistance, which, when released, opens up the unlimited nature of the flow of energy, and enable things to adjust so that all time is your time. 

This is just touching on this concept. For more, feel free to read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Keep this concept of Einstein time in your thought as you go about your day. 

Please comment below if you have thoughts about this, or have experiences either with Newtonian or Einstein time, or if you have any questions.

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