Q: What is an intuitive consultant?

A: It’s taking intuition and it’s applying it to human needs and aspirations including medical intuition, criminal and investigative work, mergers and acquisitions, and helping highly visible performers accelerate ALL areas of their life and livelihood across the board.

Q: What can I expect from an intuitive consultant session?

A: It’s largely a passive receiving experience. My intake is your name and your age. So I go in clean. I prep in advance with my three to four-page framework and then that’s the framework for the session. I will tell you all about you and your life in ways that you’ve not really thought about it before and in ways that are extraordinarily validating for the decisions that are optimal that you have been making. I identify and shine a light on the multiple balls that you’ve been juggling and which ones you can drop immediately and leave behind and let go of and then shine a light on the ones that are fun to juggle because juggling is designed to be fun, not laborious and exhausting. Energy work is another thing to expect and that’s removing all the things that no longer serve you from thought systems, to cosmology, to the influences of what I call The Four Pillars of Society – churches, media, schools, primary caregivers – as well-meaning as they might have been (or not), they have taught us things and modeled behaviors to us that are not our True Truth. I am the Truth teller. As long as we’re making up stories, us humans, let’s make up good ones that serve us. Another thing to expect is what I call The Great Falling Away of all the thought systems, people, places, things that no longer serve you. It’s very liberating. It sometimes brings up some old wounds that are coming up to be healed. Emotions, a lot of emotions come up during and after this experience, whether it’s pain, shame, self-pity, anger, joy, harmony, order, peace, poise, and what we’re really going for is BLISS. I teach how to increase your Bliss Quotient. Those feelings come up and they’re coming up and out to be felt and/or healed and it’s a peeling-back of ALL the layers. A sense of lightness and feeling unencumbered is the end result or the outcome of my work. For those who “know in their knower that they know” (that’s your intuition) that they are ready for an immediate and radical transformation, I would direct them to my Radical Shift Intuitive VIP DAYS don’t end until there’s that feeling of closure and liberation and massive clarity on the next steps for the next three to five years. That experience is designed to stand alone, and there is ongoing support if that is what is indicated. 

Q: Do I have to be physically in the same location as you are during my intuitive consultant session?

A: No. There’s no time or space constraints or anything. I work primarily virtually with privacy and confidentiality. When I’m blessed to have clients that are local, they may come to my houseboat and get to have an experience here which is lovely. Some choose to come to Seattle or to bring me to them for this highly transformational experience. It’s definitely not limited to me being in person although it’s really wonderful to work in person with clients, whether it’s a live event, a couple’s session, an organization or one-on-one experience. It is highly customizable, as not everyone’s needs are the same. I don’t do cookie-cutter anything.  

Q: Tell me about an intuitive consultant session for a couple. You mentioned a couple. Can you consult with two people at the same time?

A: Absolutely. I do couple sessions. When I do a couples session, each person individually gets a session and then based on what I pick up from each person – and this works for a couple or even an organization. Years ago I consulted with three extraordinarily powerful women at the helm of a business. They each got intuitive insights and then I applied that to the bigger construct of their business and how each of them affected their business and what personal and professional decisions they could make moving forward for the best outcomes. With a couple, each party gets their intuitive insights and then I intuit how they can strategically combine forces and leverage the strengths, and not build up their weaknesses. Then we have two whole, intact people coming together to become unstoppable, rather than two “half” people trying to come together to become a whole. As most people know, that’s not healthy, it’s not sustainable, and it certainly doesn’t set the couple up for long term sustainable success.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to hire an intuitive consultant? What kind of questions should they ask to make the decision?

A: I would recommend that they talk with the person they’re considering consulting with and get a little bit of that special sauce in advance.

You can book your Intuitive Consultation here.

I think anyone who is doing work at this refined level is prepared to offer a taste of their special sauce. It’s important for us both to get a clear sense of whether or not we’re a perfect fit. I want the outcomes of everyone to shine and be fully operational. All sails at full mast, harnessing the power of the universal trade winds, leveraging universal principles for their benefit. Ninety nine percent of the people I work with are rapid discerners who already know that they are drawn to what I have to offer and are prepared to make an immediate decision based on their gut feeling (aka – intuition). Let’s get on the phone so you can experience being seen, felt, heard, as you feel that intuitive hit that is a full body yes for what you’ve already been calling into your experience. Yes, I’m quantum like that. You’ll see.   

Q: Can intuitive coaching help my business?

A: Yes, absolutely. Ninety percent of business problems are personal problems in disguise, and… how we do anything is how we do everything. So when it’s a business-related thing, it’s always going to go back to the individual/s that are at the helm of their businesses. Definitely, our work is going to help the personal stuff which affects the business stuff, which affects the personal stuff, which affects the business stuff. It can’t not help the other. Of course, when applicable, our work is tax deductible to you. 

Imagine also what it would be like to gain intuitive insights about your potential hires and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, financial forecasting, vetting and assessing anything that is related to your life and your livelihood. Nothing is off limits.  

Q: Can you teach other people how to be intuitive counselors?

A: Yes, I can transfer the skills. However, nobody is going to be able to pull from the history and background and the learning from being a chemical dependency counselor to being a sober alcoholic, to being someone who has transcended homelessness and chronic illnesses and a lot of trauma. So not everyone is going to have that same context or analogies or any of that stuff. But the skill itself of intuition, absolutely I can transfer those skills and then give some of the framework to then excel in their own right and have their own analogies and serve the people that they’re designed to serve.

Q: What would one need to do if one wanted to learn how to be more intuitive?

A: Trust that they’re already getting intuitive information all the time and act on it and then get that validated and then build on every little success that you have. Start small and trust what you think is your imagination because that’s really your intuition talking to you. And journaling is also really helpful too, to get the thoughts out of the head and onto the page. I’m floored when I do it still, when I write stuff out. It’s all intuition. It’s just we’ve learned all these different ways to squelch it or suppress it or shut it down, especially for children. So then as adults, we’re confused as to why we’re picking up this information. We don’t know that it’s our intuition or we don’t know that it’s our sixth sense or that hunch or women’s intuition or that mother’s intuition. We want to call it something else and it’s really not that mysterious. It’s a sense that we have. You know, clairsentience, clairaudience. It’s all those things and more. It’s not a big mystery to harness it. It’s something that we all have, and that we can all develop with practice.

Q: Can you use intuitive coaching or counseling on a person who’s not aware that you’re doing it? Can you get them to do things?

A: No, I don’t – no. I can help, for example, a parent who has a child who’s either under age or even an adult who is non-communicative for whatever reason (coma, severe autism, dementia, traumatic brain injury, etc.). When that child has an addiction problem or they’re in a domestic violence situation, I help the parent(s) help the child even if it’s an adult child by giving that parent all the tools and information and infrastructure and everything that they would possibly need to help their child. But I can’t make the child go to treatment or I can’t make the child do anything that the child doesn’t want to do nor would I try. Because it just doesn’t work that way for me. I also help with missing persons and recovering remains.

Q: What’s the best way to start to get familiar with the session work that you do? What would be an entry level good choice for a session be to start with, like a startup session?

A: Most clients go straight for the intuitive Radical Shift VIP day because they want the BEST OF THE BEST and they want it now. They sense the urgency around it, as do I. Perfect fit.

However, I do offer a two-hour long session whether that’s love-focused, livelihood-focused or health-focused or it could be whatever-shows-up focused. In other words, it’s going to be whatever is timely and right to show up and that’s in a two-hour format. Here is a link to the Two Hour Intuitive Shift Session options. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

If you would like more information or if you “know in your knower that you know” that you are ready for a session with Maleah, contact:

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