Sessions + Packages

Intuitive consultations provide immediate insight into Love and relationships, health concerns, livelihood, prosperity and life-purpose. I provide clarity that is important for you on your life path and equip you with the success tools for accelerated personal and professional growth. For full details, click on: Signature Session

How It Works:

Working primarily on Zoom, I accommodate for limited schedules and allow you to hear information in a place you feel comfortable. Before your session you will receive the number to call for our appointment. The session is recorded for your personal benefit only. Sessions are rapid, and it’s better to be present than hustling to take notes. Afterwards, you will receive the MP3 of your recorded session.

What to Expect:

My entire intake is your name and your age. That’s IT. Prior to your session I write down my intuitive hits in a three to four page signature process. Your session starts by my sharing those timely intuitive insights with you. This information is generally the most vital for your progression. Next, I “go live,” meaning information is downloaded while on Zoom with you in real time, providing a flow of clarity to your life. Nearing the end of your session there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions of an intuitive nature that I didn’t get to previously. Usually, there are no questions…

Allow yourself some time after your session to absorb and integrate the information. Some clients find it helpful to schedule down time for themselves after their sessions. For the Signature Session. I’m also available for you during the immediate 72 hours following your session for aftercare.

The years of immersion in human behavior and intense personal and professional development that I bring to my clients inspires them in achieving greater levels of success, without the overwhelm and outdated paradigms that only serve to keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of life, settling only for the breadcrumbs rather than looking UP for the signs. Then following those signs with conviction, dedication and self-discipline. Consistently. Especially when life gets great.

So, here’s the deal: I do not spend any time with complainers. (Including my own complaining.) My definition of complaining is this: griping to someone who is NOT in a position to do anything about it. If you’re relaying information to me and I’m in a position to support and assist you getting in, and staying in, the SOLUTION then

That’s NOT complaining.

As a paid professional it’s my role to outrageously support you in transcending the stories that keep us in a disempowered state.

Other non-supporting behaviors I do not entertain personally, are those which insist on continuing to cling to disempowering stories. In other words, you MUST want to RISE up.

Even if you don’t know exactly HOW.

That’s alright, you must trust that you’re only seeking ONE person right now, to help you elevate your life. 

I would be honored to be that person.

If you’re ready. Let’s do this.



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