This is a service for those that work in specialized fields. Consulting an intuitive during times of transition, uncertainty and even when things are going well sets you up for sustainable success in your professional endeavors. Most of this work can be done over the phone or private telecom system. Upon request I am available for on-site and long-term consulting. Also available to work with local, state, regional, national and international law enforcement and investigators.

Investigations | Law | Law Enforcement Services:
Here are some examples of scenarios in which my services can be applied:

  • cold cases
  • abductions
  • mediations
  • child abuse
  • missing persons
  • kidnap and ransom
  • criminal apprehension
  • child custodial conflicts
  • sex and human trafficking
  • voir dire for jury consulting firms
  • defense and prosecutorial strategy
  • personality assessments and potential conflicts
  • lead development, especially helpful when traditional leads are absent
  • threat assessments (stalking, terrorism, burglary, robbery, theft, etc.)
  • motivations of partners, colleagues, board members, competitors, victims, suspects, jurors, children, spouses

You will receive accurate, insightful information about any issue, person or situation. Nothing is out of reach. Nothing is off-limits.

Clients receive clear insights that empower individuals, agencies and corporations to make the most informed and advantageous professional decisions possible. My well-honed gift delivers exactly what you need when you need it.

These services are available to professionals who are prepared for a strong advantage. I am able to work quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

CONTACT ME for terms.

Corporate Services:

  • assessment of employees and potential hires
  • domestic and international contract negotiation
  • corporate strategy, mergers, acquisitions, alliances
  • motivations of partners, colleagues, board members, competitors, suspects, jurors, children, spouses

Professional Development Services:

On-site practical training and operational guidance for development of intuition. Diverse curriculum for adjunct training modules available.

Please CONTACT ME to discuss your needs.

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