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A 30+ Minute Kick Start to your Life Transformation 

Are you ready to REVEL in your radiance and REVEAL a whole new level of what’s possible for you? Do you want to give up on the things that don’t move the needle and finally CLAIM that dream life that you DESIRE for yourself — with almost unreal EASE and GRACE? Do you want to break down your doorway to even more ABUNDANCE, and PURPOSE and ELEVATE your state of being?

Maybe you’re feeling malaise, or unfulfilled. Or you just know there is MORE for your life.You need guidance on how to find smooth sailing. As your default setting.

If you’ve ever thought is there MORE for me than this? Can I REALLY have it all?

Then The {INTUITIVE CLARITY NOW} Session is calling your name.

This 30+ minute transformative one-on-one session is an ideal way to open up your journey in ways that haven’t yet been revealed to you. Let Maleah laser-focus her expert intuitive gifts – finely honed over two decades of massive life transformations – on YOU, to help you UPLEVEL whatever aspect of your life she sees – with her third eye – for you. It’s you…UNLEASHED. It’s the straight shot to releasing all which no longer serves you so you can pave the way for having the Life you’ve been dreaming of. It’s all available to you when you align your insides with your outsides.

About your Expert Intuitive Guide,

Maleah Jacobs

Hi! I’m Maleah Jacobs. I am a Seattle-based expert intuitive consultant. I have experienced more than my share of adversity. From massive trauma and alcoholism (now more than two decades of sobriety) to chronic bedridden Lyme disease resulting in homelessness, I have seen very dark times. All of these experiences have served to hone my intuitive gifts with the empathy that comes of experience. Having lifted myself from homeless to houseboat, husband, health and <—horse, I am extraordinarily well equipped to lead you on your journey to your greatest good in the shortest amount of time possible. After spending 5 years completely bedridden (treating Lyme disease), during what I call The Chrysalis State, I emerged out the other side to discover my intuitive skills had not gone away (as I had secretly feared) but they had improved. A lot. It’s my superpower and I use it for good. I upgrade personal and professional lives as well as stock portfolios. I elucidate and solve court cases and radically expand the amount of BLISS a human can experience. I share this all over the world. My decades of experience as an “Intuitive Life-Change Artist” means quantum shifts in freedom and ease. I have a private practice, lead groups, retreats, write, speak and nomad around, with a charming houseboat, The Haida Bird, as my home base, in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with my dear mister and his cello. Over the years, I’ve been featured on Discovery Channel International in over 48 countries, ABC, MSNBC and was given the title of “Seattle’s BEST Intuitive” in Seattle Magazine. I am featured as The Teacher in the book The Gratitude Jar. This book was written by Josie Robinson, whose life was radically changed from just one session with me. This inspired her to write her book about the experience. Pam Grout (E-squared) read Josie’s book and then featured my work in her own book Thank and Grow Rich.

“Maleah is a gifted intuitive consultant who brought clarity, affirmation, and many great tools and supports to me during our first session.

Several things I have been thinking about doing, she named in detail specifically to move forward and brought such confirmation with her words that, as a busy international professional, I am most grateful to her for moving me in ways that are spot on. She made me feel lighter, more positive, uplifted and excited about my future. ”


“Every single person on the planet needs to spend time with Maleah.  It’s so hard to put into words what she offers.  Maleah is kind, thoughtful, incredibly generous with her time and talent.  She broke through all the negative crud I’ve been carrying around for 50 years.  I can’t tell you how she did it.  I can only tell you that she did it, and it was so amazingly magical.

In the past three days since I had my session with Maleah, I’ve applied for a patent, released a new product to my work community, and had the single best sales day ever.  And I’m doing it all with ease and joy.  Like it’s a game.  I really feel like I can do anything.

I don’t know what kind of secret potion she has, but if she could bottle and sell it, you could pay her a thousand dollars a bottle and you would still feel like you got off cheap.  She has a gift that is unexplainable and indescribable, but if you get the chance to soak for a minute in her goodness, you’ll understand what I mean. .”


“Maleah has a remarkable gift.

More than an intuitive, she helped me understand things about myself and my opportunity that I simply couldn’t see, and she’s shown me how to break loose from the chains that have been holding me back.

Her counsel and perspective have helped me with important course corrections that are already helping me have a better life.”


What makes the {INTUITIVE CLARITY NOW} session such a vibe-raising, soul-shimmying, truth-telling, holy hootenanny that you won’t want to miss?

When we leap, it’s QUANTUM, and when we speak, it’s TRUTH.

As your Intuitive Life Change Artist for 30+ explosive minutes, I’ll be tuning into The Divine Channel and spying with My Third Eye any and all of your limitations, your blocks and your barriers. You’ll also receive tools to gently unravel them thread by thread, so you can emerge lighter, brighter and more confident. You’ll also have the opportunity to roll your session into one of Maleah’s more comprehensive offerings where she can guide you step by step through the process.

The Full Gotta-Know-’Em Details

The {INTUITIVE CLARITY NOW} Session is a 30+ minute transformational intensive session usually on Zoom, by Seattle-based Expert Intuitive Consultant Maleah Jacobs. Or, if you are in or near Seattle, you could hop on over to our sweet houseboat on Lake Union in the heart of Seattle —->
Experience Maleah’s focused intuitive powers, giving you a taste of what your life can become. Then move forward with the confidence of having a light shined brightly on your true path. 

How good are you willing to let it get?

How much ease will you allow into your life?

How powerful will you give yourself permission to be?

“Maleah’s​ psychic gifts are so on point and powerful, she’s head and shoulders beyond others in this field that I have worked with — perhaps just in a different field! I told her nothing, and she hit every nail on the head. It was so profound.

​I found her to be extremely supportive, compassionate , encouraging, with a real and genuine warmth. She mixed her insights with practical action steps that are easy for me to integrate into my life in a practical way.

I’m left feeling re-energized for my path ahead, with more belief and trust in the journey that I am on. I feel that limits on my thinking have been blown up, in a good way! Thank you, Maleah!”


“Maleah allows the truth to be revealed. She takes her work very seriously, and she shares her own vulnerabilities and what she’s overcome in her lessons, which is SO POWERFUL.

Working with Maleah is like eating a delicious meal. I kept remarking to myself as we went through our session, “Oooh….this feels really good. Oooh…I love the way she expressed this. Ah…what an insight.”

I usually balk at the kind of revelations Maleah shared about my life, or feel judged and pitied by it. Not with Maleah. So, a BIG THANK YOU, dearest Maleah. I feel so truly grateful and fortunate. You really WANT to throw me a life preserver, and I can feel that.”


“Maleah is one of those rare, exotic, ethereal beings that gifts the world daily with her very existence. Maleah’s energy and lust for life are contagious — even over the phone!

Maleah’s gifts for intuition and reading energies is truly uncanny. She is not the stereotypical woo-woo fortune teller — she is the channel through which divinity and/or the universe speaks.

Not only is she real, engaging and supportive, but she offers practical action plans to her clients so that they may IMMEDIATELY and EFFECTIVELY implement the deep wisdom that is brought to light.”


If this speaks to you, it’s for YOU.

It’s not for everyone. It’s NOT for those wanting to dip their toes in and pussyfoot around with cookie cutter fluff.

Not on my watch.

After 20+ years of “I Spy With My Third Eye” going on 24/7 you have my word…

I will not let you fall.

I’ve got your back and I’ve got your sides.

But you have to make the next move. This amazing hyper-customized very personal opportunity is a substantial investment in YOU.

Please click the button below to answer some questions which will help us both determine if this will be a perfect fit. I am not for everyone. I am looking for those who are committed to massive rapid growth and willing to invest in themselves to that end. Those who are not ready for this need not apply. Are you feeling called? Your life will never be the same again. Click the button below. If after the questions are answered, we both feel it is a perfect fit, then we will hop on the phone to seal the deal person to person.

“At her depths, Maleah Jacobs is a profound truth seeker, truth knower, and truth sharer. She is filled with Love and Light and tremendous depths of Wisdom.

Maleah has helped me to realign and shift my life, both energetically and practically, to a Higher calling–helping me to fulfill my greatest and deepest aspirations. I feel on top of the world since our session, like I have a renewed vision, clarity and peace. I can feel a huge, positive shift in energy in my body, mind and spirit.”


“Working with Maleah gave me BIG BENEFITS. I feel more motivated, clearer and able to move forward in a way that is smooth and effortless. She immediately gave me a great surge of clarity. I am not thinking in terms of expansion, openness, positivity and abundance instead of fear and hesitation.”


“I was wary of committing to something that felt so unknown. But I am glad that I went through in giving this gift to myself.

I feel a warm glow in my chest just thinking of our session. Maleah helped me talk about things that I haven’t told anyone, helped me address some of the biggest constraints I have been placing on myself. I felt so accepted and loved during our session, but very vulnerable. Not only was the session valuable, the applicable tools and advice she gave me are making a positive impact on my life.

Thank you, Maleah! I really cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be vulnerable, addressing the things I am so scared to admit.”


“Working with Maleah has been absolutely mind blowing! She has guided me through processes over and over that brought healing and perspective into my life. I’ve made many life-changing decisions since our call, and she empowered me to step into my truth and see my own value.

Do yourself a favor and hire Maleah! Be prepared for your life to change.”


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