Your New Money Mindset | Maleah Jacobs Intuitive Consultant

“This is an age in which the mood decides the fortunes of people rather than the fortunes decide the mood.” Sir Winston Churchill

You’ve probably also heard “money doesn’t buy happiness” and you have probably heard about very financially wealthy people that are miserable a-holes. Or the Bernie Madoffs of the world who got their monies through underhanded means. Ew, right? Right.

Well, check this…

About 2 years ago I was doing a session at a very exclusive private dinner party and through intuitive insight I was able to pass on to a very well-put together woman that her new interesting endeavor would bring money with it. I literally saw dollar signs. Like these: $$$ See?

Much to my surprise she said, “But I don’t want any more money.”


I felt like telling her, “I’ll take it then!” But I didn’t.

Who would say such a thing? Someone with poor Prosperity Consciousness, that’s who.

Lovingly, I pointed out that this new influx of money, which is energy as is everything else, could go places that she couldn’t. She’s just one woman but her money can go all the way to Africa, for example, and provide mosquito nets for children. Or build new wells to provide fresh water for entire communities she’s never even heard of before!

“I never thought of that before” she said. Finally, she agreed she could get excited about that kind of stuff.

Her MOOD shifted. Her ATTITUDE changed. Her MINDSET broadened.

I encouraged her to be a good steward of the money she does have, bless it, and be open to receiving more. Because it can move around and do great things- including providing a very comfortable lifestyle for her and her husband. And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, with more than enough for the two of them there is more to spread around.


By having more money, or even great wealth, you’re not taking it away from anyone else. You’re not depriving someone else of experiencing the energy of $$$. There is PLENTY FOR ALL.

Today I invite you to…

Surrender your fixation on fear and limitation.
Surrender your struggles so your mind is open and free.
Surrender your addiction to thoughts that get you feeling down.
All so you can be open to Divine insights. So you can LIVE INTUITIVELY by listening to that still small voice within which will never fail you and always move you to your Greater Good. And when you experience YOUR GREATER GOOD so does everyone around you! See? PLENTY FOR ALL.

Blessing you all and knowing your True-Truth, always,


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