When you work with hundreds of clients you’re bound to see some commonalities. It’s the job, money, your spouse, those wild kids… swirling in the minds of my clients as a churning, burning ball of worry.

We all do it.

Circling the negative yet-to-be until that whirlpool of worry sucks us right in.

Let me stop you right here. Worry is a form of prayer.
And what we put our attention on increases.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned a great deal of what you already know. While most of my clients can identify their worried tendencies, few know what steps to take to get out of the spiral. It’s all about creating new, healthier habits. Here are a few of my tried, true, and tested:

  • Develop a Spiritual Pit Crew: Your inner circle, paid
    professionals, spiritual counselor and/or prayer partner. The kind people that
    know your Truth, even when you step into those cloudy periods.
  • Listen: Not the type of ‘listening’ I did in high school math, but
    the real kind of listening: inner listening. Be still and pay attention to that small
    voice inside.  It can sometimes be daunting listening to inner truth and direction, but most of the time it’s just
    what you need to move through.
  • Be Present: Worrying is frittering away our time on things that
    aren’t ours to do. It is robbing use of a True Present. Come into the moment. Put
    your energy into the moment you’re in.

Here are a few more self-explanatory healthy habits:

  • Create a gratitude list
  • Take a walk or go for a run
  • Listen to soul-shifting music
  • Meditate
  • Call that friend you’ve been
    meaning to speak to
  • Mediate
  • Volunteer
  • Read for inspiration

This is a process, it may not happen overnight. Be kind to yourself and remember: the key is

I have all the faith in you.



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