{ INVITATION } If you’re struggling with doubt, fears or resistance, I invite you to ask yourself this question:

What if I believed in myself 10% more?

Sit with it.

*deep breath*

Allow the feelings of confidence and empowerment bubble up. Some others may bubble up too. Allow everything to come up and out.


Else it’s resistance. Resistance to our feelings that will, in time, show up somewhere. Usually in our physical bodies.

Because the body keeps the score.

When we allow our feelings to rise up? They come up and out. To be healed and/or to heal. Ourselves and others.

We don’t always have to take BIG, GIANT LEAPS. (Although I do LOVE the leaps!) Sometimes, believing in ourselves 10% more is enough to unlock that beautiful feeling of “YES! I can do this”.

Then do it.

It’s the micro habits that add up to make all the difference.

Move forward in the general direction of your dreams. “Dream adjacent” is perfectly fine. We don’t have to know exactly where we’re “going” to. We’re always right here. In the here and now. Planning our outcomes with our NOW thoughts and FEELINGS.

Here’s the key:

Rather than putting pressure on ourselves (and others) to do it ALL (and do it PERFECTLY) NOW?

Go from A to B to C.

Bit by bit. Adds up.

A to B to C =

• Results achieved

• Desired outcomes revealed

• A more mindful and intentional experience

• Spaciousness for The Universe to surprise and delight us

• Synchronicities playing out swimmingly

• Relaxed relationship with TIME

• The little things can take root

• The roots bear the fruits

• Fruition of our wildest dreams

• The opportunity to be resourceful with ease

• So much more

When we jump to the future without knowing we’re outrageously supported?

We can catastrophize.

We’re humans who have been conditioned to think the worst case scenario. The Stephen King of horror stories then percolates in our consciousness. Really fast sometimes. Zero to sixty I’ve been known to drum up a nightmare scary thought.

Catastrophizing is the HABIT of automatically assuming a “worst case scenario” and (inappropriately) characterizing minor or moderate problems or issues as catastrophic events.

That’s a very sneaky form of self-sabotage because we never get it “right” and we never get it “done.” Though we find ourselves putting stock into stories that simply aren’t true. Or so they may be someone else’s beliefs. That’s okay. Know what is your TRUTH. Learn and let go of the human conditioning for it no longer serves.


Take it to the FIRE.

Go forward BOLDLY. We all want you to show up and show out and SHINE.

Happiness is self-bestowed. Choose it. Choose happiness. Because, more than we are doers we are deciders. Once we make a decision to believe in ourselves 10% more? Providence moves too.

Have a great +10% day!

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